Ihsan Cashback

Maximize your savings with every purchase you make. Our program is designed to thank loyal Malaysian citizens who support harmony and peace in our beautiful country.
ihsan Cashbacki-Mesra
An initiative by
YB Datuk Armizan Bin Mohd Ali
YB Datuk Armizan Bin Mohd Ali
Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Kos Sara Hidup
Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Kos Sara Hidup

What is Ihsan Cashback?

Ihsan Cashback is a loyalty initiative by Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri (KPDN) that allows you to earn a percentage of your money back on every purchase made through our affiliated partners and merchants. These cashback rewards can be redeemed or used for future purchases, allowing you to maximize your savings and make your money work harder for you.

How It Works


Earn: Receive cashback on every qualifying purchase from our partner merchants.


Redeem: Use your cashback rewards for future purchases, or save them to use later.


Save: Winners will be announced during the Karnival Ihsan Madani: Pesta Selera Lucky Draw prize giving ceremony. Make sure to be present to receive your prize if you win!

Benefits for Consumers

Maximized Savings:
Earn cashback on your everyday purchases, making your money go further.
Flexible Redemption:
Use your cashback rewards whenever you want, giving you complete control over your savings.
Exclusive Offers:
Access special deals and discounts from our affiliated partners and merchants, available only to Ihsan Cashback members.

Benefits for Merchants

Increased Traffic:
Attract more customers through the loyalty program, boosting your sales and visibility.
Enhanced Loyalty:
Build stronger relationships with repeat customers, encouraging long-term loyalty.
Competitive Edge:
Stand out from the competition by offering unique cashback rewards, making your business more attractive to customers.

Why Join the Pilot Programme?

Early Access Benefits:
Enjoy exclusive advantages by being an early adopter.
Get priority support and dedicated assistance during the setup process.
Increase Customer Loyalty:
Offer unique cashback rewards to attract and retain customers.
Stand out in the market with a cutting-edge loyalty program.
Boost Sales and Visibility:
Drive more traffic to your store through our extensive network of loyal customers.
Benefit from increased brand exposure and marketing support.

Join Our Pilot Programme Today!

Be a Pioneer with Ihsan Cashback!
Are you a merchant looking to boost your business and attract more customers? Join our exclusive Ihsan Cashback pilot program and become one of the first to offer this innovative loyalty solution.

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Ihsan Cashback
– Malaysia's way of saying thank you for your loyalty and support.