About Us

The i-Mesra system operates as a thriving marketplace, creating opportunities for both local and international businesses to contribute to the continuous growth of the local F&B industry.

Our Collaborators

On the domestic front, i-Mesra has forged numerous collaborations with key stakeholders, including government entities, universities, business associations, communities, and more. The company's initiative is also being supported by Halal Development Corporation (HDC). i-Mesra is dedicated to expanding these partnerships to further enhance the implementation of i-Mesra.

Halal Development Corporation

Our Goal

Several strategic initiatives and innovations have been taken to accelerate the program, ensuring transparency and instilling confidence in users. Our overarching goal is to position Malaysia as the global leader in Muslim-friendly services and products, aligning with Malaysia's vision to become the premier destination for Muslim-friendly offerings worldwide.


Providing a system which benefits both customers and business owners.


Broadening the horizon for local businesses to explore the international market.