Our Features

i-Mesra provides several benefits and advantages to the community, the country, and all entrepreneurs in Malaysia.

Our External Auditors

The role of the external auditors are to assess and verify the assessment reports and ingredients with evidence of corrective actions implemented by the i-Mesra applicant.

Our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

The i-Mesra SOP was created to ensure transparency and accountability to ensure assurance to all parties involved in the system. Standards and requirement are in place to ensure the legitimacy for both the system and the business owners involved.


Gained the trust upon i-Mesra will ensure that consumers have increased confidence in a product or service offered by a food establishment when it adheres to hygiene regulations and adheres to i-Mesra’s SOP.

Business Owners

Ensuring more business owners understand their customers’ needs and making sure that these needs are taken care off in the hope of a more ethical and successful business.